About us


Martha's Vineyard Glassworks was founded by Andrew Magdanz, his wife Susan Shapiro, and Mark Weiner in 1992 and built on a piece of quintessential island farmland. The studio was intended to be a facility for glassblowers to work everyday, develop technical skills, create glasswork, and build a life around glassblowing.

The studio has grown from its beginnings as a fledgling studio with a small gallery to a substantial entity that offers an education of glassblowing to the public. The glassblowing studio can be observed from the gallery, which allows customers to watch a work of art come to life, from the raw materials and an artist’s vision, to the final piece. This education of the medium offers more than just a visual experience; it links the viewer to the piece, creating a unique relationship between the work and our customers.

Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks has built a reputation for high-quality original designs and has become a popular destination for glassworkers, tourists, artists, interior decorators, collectors, and trade workers alike. Our studio attracts those that seek the opportunity to develop valuable technical production skills in an environment that demands excellence. As a result, our glassblowing assistant positions are some of the most desirable jobs for experienced glass workers.

All of the glass represented in our studio is handmade by artists that have dedicated years, if not decades, to the art of glassblowing. Each piece is individually hand blown without the use of finishing molds to achieve shape; rather, the consistency seen in our work is the result of repetition and a strict attention to detail.

We take pride in featuring such a diverse collection of glasswork from today’s artists- including, Andrew Magdanz, Susan Shapiro, Mark Weiner, and Michiko Maekawa as well as Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks signature work. We welcome you to browse our online gallery and shop our online store to see what we’ve been up to.