Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks

MARTHA’S VINEYARD GLASSWORKS was established in 1992 as both a gallery and studio to showcase the beauty of hand blown glass alongside the natural elegance of creating it. We welcome visitors to experience the transformative process of manipulating a molten material into a work of art for your home. This connection to the people, process and ideals offers more than a visual experience; it creates a unique relationship between the work and our customers.

Every piece is hand blown in our Martha’s Vineyard Studio with a commitment to superior quality, craftsmanship and design.

Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks's Bio (pdf)

Vineyard's Work (click thumbnails to view) 
MVG – Apples
MVG – Bouquet Baskets
MVG- Minarets
MVG – Footed Bowls
MVG – Früt Lüp Pitcher and Glasses
MVG – Encalmo Bubble Bowls
MVG – Pumpkins
MVG – Optic Twist Pitchers

Our sculpted apples have grown to be a signature design of MVG. Gathering and manipulating molten glass, the artist shapes the piece with traditional hand tools and their individual aesthetic. Each contour, color, and stem is carefully chosen to resemble the unique nature of varieties from Red Delicious to Granny Smith.

Photograph taken by Kirstin Hoffmann