Michiko Maekawa

Michiko Maekawa is one of Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks’ senior staff. Her Japanese upbringing combined with a dual-degree in marine biology and glassblowing are strongly reflected in Maekawa’s work. She draws on the correlations between water and glass; primarily utilizing transparent colors due to their water-like quality. As a result, her designs are playful extrapolations of traditional glass forms that provide refreshing choices in functional glass.

The gallery images represent a sample of Maekawa’s designs and also feature her stained glass pieces, available for custom order only. Visit our online store to purchase Michiko Maekawa’s hand blown glass.

Michiko Maekawa's Bio (pdf)

Maekawa's Work (click thumbnails to view) 
Maekawa – Hamon
Maekawa – Hasu no Hana
Maekawa – Suimen Platter
Maekawa – Suimen
Maekawa – Dragon Platter
Maekawa – Orca Bowl
Maekawa – Heart Glasses
Maekawa – Spiral Bud Vase Bowls
Maekawa – Spiral Bud Vase Apples
Maekawa – [Sonome Ni Utsurunowa] “What’s shown in these eyes?”
Maekawa – [Ryu] “Dragon”
Maekawa – [Sora] “Sky”